The Attack cargo ship Arcturus-class-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this ship. Attack cargo ship Arcturus-class Ships » Cargo ships | 1940–1946. The first batch of Attack Cargo Ships were a miscellaneous collection of various cargo ships converted to the attack function. The ship was launched on 18 May 1939, sponsored by Miss Mollie Foulks Lee, and delivered to Moore McCormack Lines, Inc. on 27 July 1939. The USS Bellatrix was an Arcturus-class attack cargo ship launched on August 15, 1941, with the hull number AKA-3. She began merchant service as SS Star Arcturus, and was scrapped in 1971.[1]. Attack Cargo Ships (AKA) 1922-1945. Arcturus anchored at her assigned location in the transport area off the Hagushi beaches in the early hours of 1 April, but waited five days before she could unload her cargo of gasoline and small arms ammunition. She was acquired by the US Navy in 1941 as an Arcturus -class attack cargo ship and renamed USS Algorab. Just as Arcturus weighed anchor to retire from the transport area, she received orders to take on wounded, mainly German prisoners of war. AK-18 Arcturus Class; AKA-1 Arcturus Class : C2-Cargo(S) AF-10 Aldebaran Class; AK-42 Jupiter Class; AKS-1 Castor Class; AVS-8 Jupiter Class; C2-T(M) AE-5 Rainier Class; AK-20 Bellatrix Class; AKA-3 Bellatrix Class; C2-F(S) AK-53 Libra Class; AKA-12 Libra Class; AKS-4 Pollux Class; AP-77 Thurston Class : C2-S-AJ1. The cargo ship remained at Oran while plans were firmed up for the landings at Salerno. The ship's boats moved troops ashore at H-hour, but to facilitate unloading her cargo, she moved into the harbor later in the day just long enough to unload at the one usable pier. Arcturus-class attack cargo ship The ``Arcturus``-class attack cargo ships were converted from other ship types by Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. in Chester, Pennsylvania, Tampa Shipbuilding Co. in Tampa, Florida, and Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. in Kearny, New Jersey during World War II. Arcturus was still anchored off Fedhala on 12 November when the German submarine U-130 attacked. SteKrueBe on Feb 02, 2013 17:24 (7 years ago) As far as i know, the USS Algorab was the only Arcturus class attack cargo ship with this kind of cargo gear. No longer needed for service, Arcturus steamed to Portsmouth, Va., where she was decommissioned on 3 April 1946. On 15 April, Arcturus received orders to Saipan where she was routed on to Pearl Harbor and San Francisco, arriving at the latter port on 18 May. Russell C. Bartman’s command and served in the US Navy for 6 years until it was decommissioned on April 3, 1946. The cargo ship's boats rescued survivors before the Center Group got underway to avoid more submarine attacks. USS Mellena (AKA-32) [r]: Arcturus-class attack cargo ship, serving in WWII and then as a merchant marine training ship for 25 years [e] USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7) [r]: The first of the WWII class of dedicated amphibious command ships [e] Since 1969 this type is known as Amphibious Cargo ships (LKA) Subcategories. After loading cargo and supplies, Arcturus returned to the western Pacific to resupply the troops advancing on Okinawa. Arcturus-class attack cargo ship. Arcturus crossed the Atlantic and formed up at Oran, Algeria, with the transports and escorts of "Cent" force under Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk. USS Arcturus (AKA-1) was an Arcturus class attack cargo ship named after Arcturus, a star in the constellation Boötes.Commissioned as (AK-18), she was redesignated (AKA-1) two years later. She served as a commissioned ship for 5 years and 4 months. On 26 March, the ships stood out of Ulithi lagoon and set course for Okinawa. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Arcturus 3. arcturus-class attack cargo ship 4. arcturus class attack cargo ship 5. arcturus in fiction 6. arcturus mengsk 7. arcturus moving group 8. arcturus stream 9. arcturus therapeutics 10. gallery arcturus 11. hawk god of arcturus 12. regulus arcturus black 13. uss arcturus 14. voyage to arcturus : Search completed in 0.027 seconds. Andromeda-class attack cargo ship. The cargo ship set sail on 27 February to rejoin the war effort in the Mediterranean. The ship then trained off the east coast with TF 85 in preparation for the Allied invasion of Sicily. Enemy air attacks continued, but less frequently and with decreasing intensity. After a brief stop at Eniwetok on 11 June, the cargo ship dropped anchor at Okinawa on 5 August. Additional units were acquired in 1942. The Artemis class attack cargo ships were built by Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc. of Providence, R.I., during World War II. Finally, on 19 September, she was again loaded with Marines and vehicles in convoy to Tientsin, China, where she anchored on 30 September. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. The complement varied as well, but the DANFS figures sometimes seem to confuse ship's company with embarked troops in determining a ship's complement. The assault progressed like a textbook drill due to excellent gunfire support, air cover, and experienced boat crews. Category:Arcturus-class attack cargo ships. Arcturus Class Attack Cargo Ship Keel Laid July 26 1938 as Maritime Commission type (C2) hull (MC Hull 19) More about the Attack cargo ship Arcturus-class cargo ship. She was acquired by the US Navy in 1940, converted and commissioned as Arcturus. As the first waves of boats moved toward the beaches, enemy torpedo bombers attacked. USS Procyon (AKA-2) was an Arcturus-class attack cargo ship named after Procyon, a star in the constellation Canis Minor. It was commissioned on June 15, 1941 under Comdr. Allen P. Mullinix’ command and served in the US Navy for 5 years until it was decommissioned the first time on January 14, 1946. The cargo ship began her Navy career with two years of general auxiliary duty operating out of ports along the east coast as far north as NS Argentia, Newfoundland, and south to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Thank you for posting! The Arcturus-class attack cargo ships were converted from other ship types by Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. in Chester, Pennsylvania, Tampa Shipbuilding Co. in Tampa, Florida, and Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. in Kearny, New Jersey during World War II. She lost it, and, as she rejoined the convoy, was hit by a torpedo from another E-boat and sank within one minute. By 8 July, the convoy was underway for Scoglitti, Sicily, where TF 85 was to land as part of a three-pronged attack. Arcturus Class Attack Cargo Ship Keel Laid January 15 1940 as SS SWEEPSTAKES Launched November 14 1940 Acquired by the U.S. Navy November 14 1940; USS PROCYON AK-19 Arcturus Class, U.S. She was then assigned to ferry occupation forces to Korea and China. Specifications: Tonnage. (November 2007) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) noun a ship designed to carry cargo • Syn: ↑cargo vessel • Hypernyms: ↑ship • Hyponyms: ↑banana boat, ↑bottom, ↑freighter, ↑merchantman, ↑ SS Mormacwren was launched in 1939 as a Type C2 ship. History Arcturus (AK 18) was laid down as Mormachawk on 26 July 1938 under a Maritime… The cargo ship got underway on 4 December from Shanghai, China, for Seattle, Washington, where she arrived on 22 December. Attack Cargo Ships of the United States Navy: Andromeda Class Cargo Ships, Arcturus Class Attack Cargo Ships, Artemis Class Attack Cargo Ships, Tollan Listen to the audio pronunciation of Arcturus class attack cargo ship on pronouncekiwi. The ships carried their own landing craft and had their armament increased compared to other cargo ships. Landing craft casualties were great, however, because of the heavy surf, lack of recognizable landmarks, and inexperienced boat crews. In spite of repeated enemy air attacks, the convoys arrived off the Gulf of Salerno late on 8 September.