Leave a comment below and share your experience! Always use the night time temperatures as a guide to know when your non-hardy succulents can be set outside, and a good rule is a consistent nighttime temperature of 10 degrees Celsius so the plants don’t get too stressed out. The leaf colors range from dark green with silver stripes to a lighter golden variety. We recently introduced a series of Grow Light products to help make sure your succulents and terrariums are healthy and happy. Weather that is too cold can cause the plant cells to burst, having the appearance of rot. The Bird’s Nest, or sansevieria trifasciata, is an attractive plant. In this case, you can rotate your succulents to help offset any leaning. While you can grow succulents in the shade, their colour won’t be as intense. Share this post with your succulent loving friends! This is especially pertinent during winter when both daylight hours are shorter AND light intensity is lower. Bring in any plants that are rated higher than where you live. Succulents are the darling of the gardening world. Succulents grown indoors will do much better if they have the right soil and container. Are you bringing your tender succulents indoors to protect them from the cold weather? This is the best indoor succulent for low light conditions. As your succulent grows it’s going to start shedding leaves. Your succulent will tell you when it needs water. Keep in mind that succulents near a heating vent might need more frequent watering. Caring for succulents in winter doesn’t have to keep you guessing! The more sun the better! If your plants leave start to shrivel, then you know you are not watering often or thoroughly enough. Rain or shine, this coastal design will make you feel like you’re watching the waves. This is a sign they aren’t getting enough light. This newly designed light panel features 117 pieces of red LEDs and 52 pieces of blue LEDs to provide the best combination of red/blue light for plant photosynthesis to directly affect plant growth. An LED Grow Light Ideal for Succulents and Seed-Starting Includes FREE top tray in addition to lower shelf trays Three growing tiers for plants up to 12" high Ideal for seedlings, succulents, and cuttings They work well together, and the myriad textures, colours, shapes and flowers make it easy and fun to customize a display in a picture frame, chair seat, birdbath, wreath, or anything else you can think of. Alternately, you can shift a succulent outside during spring and summer. When you are finally ready to bring your succulents inside, you’ll want to make sure the pot is ready. It’s a good idea to wipe off the outside of the pot to remove any dirt, leaves or cobwebs that have become attached to the pot. One of the most difficult things about growing succulents indoors, especially over the winter, is making sure they get enough sunlight. Succulents need at least 8 hours of bright indirect sunlight each day to maintain their shape indoors. Just clear tap water is enough. Make sure you don’t run the lights 24/7 as succulents do need dark at night to complete their regular growth cycle. Put leaf in dry area and allow to dry.This process generally takes a few days. Copyright 2013-2020 Succulents and Sunshine LLC. Come late summer into early fall, watch the nighttime temps to know when to bring the succulents inside to rest for the winter. Give the gift of green. This means more and more folks are embracing the energy-saving bulbs. Graptosedum ‘Alpenglow’ | Purchase Options. You don’t pay any extra but the commissions help us provide free information on the website. I see spiders frequently as well. The light is essential in that it helps the plants during the food making process called photosynthesis. Closed to visitors until february 1st, 2021, Our online shop is always open! Another feature that we like is this light’s programmable timer. Most of the succulents I owned at the time were for Zone 9. Ask your question below: Did you know each species of succulent has slightly different care needs? I love my mini tool kit to help with this process! {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, A Galaxy Full of Succulents For Your Home & Garden. Take a look at how the plants are reacting to our NEW 300w led GROW LIGHTS! All succulents rated higher than Zone 5 can’t survive the cold, and need to be indoors for the winter. Let them go several days, even a week or two between watering. This allows them to soak up the water they need and start to dry out. As a general rule, you’ll want to bring your succulents in before the first frost. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Try watering them 2-3 days before bringing them inside. With lots of gray or cloudy days in the winter you may find your succulents begin to stretch out or lean toward the window. Have fun planting up your succulents!! This is largely determined, again, by where you live and what you’re growing. Since the winter days are shorter this is especially important. Once the days get longer near the middle or end of February, you will see your plants actively growing again and that’s your cue to start watering. Most of these sun loving plants are not hardy below 4 degrees Celsius. Make sure you don’t run the lights 24/7 as succulents do need dark at night to complete their regular growth cycle. 99. For succulents, light is far more important on a daily basis than water. 5,856 other succulent lovers also enjoyed this article in the last 30 days. Shop this Collection (49) Model# GLP24H/60W/LED $ 94 97. Inspect your succulents closely for signs of mealybugs, the most common succulent pest. Be sure to check out our Types of Succulents page for information on various succulent varieties. The LED grow light market is expected to be worth $2.5 Billion by 2025, a leap from $1Billion in 2020. I like to use a mixture of 40% peat 20% coir, and 20% perlite and 20% coarse washed sand when I make my own blend. Since your plants are already experiencing a natural cooling in the fall, you can bring them in once night temps maintain a 5 degree average. These … just now. Your succulents require red and blue light to both grow and flower, so this light will give them exactly what they require. Since I currently live in the Phoenix area, a Zone 9, most of my succulents are fine outdoors year round. They also last far longer, without any degradation of the light output. I like to keep this simple. The leaves and petals of succulents act as solar panels absorbing the photosynthetic light from the sun. Use a mix of soil that is free draining. Most, in an indoor setting, will crave the brightest light possible, especially during winter in northern climates. Most succulents like direct sunlight, but if all you have is a shaded corner in your house, go with low light-tolerant plants like mother-in-law tongue. This same setting works during the warmer parts of the year. Use your fingers or the tweezers from the mini garden tool kit to remove as many of the dead leaves as possible. Consider watering containers, as they are the most effective and allow a steady stream of water. If your succulent is growing a bit lanky, with a long stem and lots of space between leaves, then it’s probably not getting enough light and is “reaching” for the sun. Light Needs for Your Succulents Every plant requires light for it to stay alive. This video will also help you determine if your succulents need to be brought indoors for the winter: While you may be growing succulents inside all year round, succulents will benefit from being outside for at least part of the summer. Then your shelf or table stays nice and dry once the succulents are inside. This will help prevent your succulent from rotting indoors. Read on and watch our Youtube video below for more info about using artificial lighting for succulents and cacti. In this post you’ll learn how to properly care for your succulents indoors over the winter, along with some tips for your outdoor succulent garden. They prefer indirect light towards the direct, so let them have bright, filtered, indirect light by either keeping them indoors and at the window or if you grow them outdoors, grow them within the shade of trees, the same as … water them one last time outside. Or simply purchase a pre-packaged blend for succulents or cactus. It’s the same recipe I used to make myself, but now I don’t have to slave away for hours making it. Aloe vera is one of the most popular species of aloe genus. Click here to read it and determine if your succulents are actively growing or dormant in winter. They produce exactly the light wavelengths your succulents need to grow and thrive. Just don’t let them have a frost. This is why it’s very important to know which succulents you own and what temperatures they can tolerate. Place the cacti and succulents on a flat, reflective surface. However, some are actively growing and will need more attention. Since most succulents aren’t growing as quickly over the winter, this is best done in the spring. Looking for grow light recommendations? This happened to me while living in Utah. I’d love to hear where you are growing succulents and which work for you! Choose an appropriate succulent for your indoor conditions. Posted on The ideal window will get bright, indirect sunlight all day. Unfortunately, normal indoor light is not sufficient to replace sunlight, but grow lights can actually mimic the suns photosynthetic spectrum, keeping your plants happy throughout the year. Create a beach house vibe with a succulent driftwood planter, easy to care for and a highlight of any space. Also, LED grow lights are cool, and they don’t heat up your plants. Given their highly adaptable properties, succulents will survive for quite some time in the shade or low light but will not thrive. This is where overwatering can do real damage to your plants and where most of the losses can occur. Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis. How to Care for Succulents. Red/Blue LED grow lights provide the specific spectrum of light your succulents need to thrive Red/Blue LED light is quite hard on the eyes White LED grow lights provide red and blue light for succulents and the rest of the spectrum for you. Get help identify your succulents and see which ones will grow well for you! I know at my house ants and potato bugs love to hang out in my pots. But in order to prevent stretching you will need to supplement with a grow light. As a general rule though, you’ll only want to water your plants when the soil is completely dry. The first to be on my list of the best grow lights for succulents is the Roleado LED Grow Light Lamp Panel. Check to make sure your soil has very little moisture before you water. For more details on how to do this, you can check out my post on stretching succulents here. I filled in the hole with a few succulent cuttings and it looks complete again! Many succulents are dormant in the winter so they won’t need as much water. Now that your succulents are inside, it’s time to start taking care of them! During the winter months of December and January, your succulents will go to sleep and show little to no signs of growth. Succulents offer brilliant colours and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight (6 hours+ of direct light). Purchase a 30-45 watt Full Spectrum grow bulb (details below) to keep your succulents growing during the winter. Depending on your situation and which kind you opt for, grow lights can be inexpensive if you go with the fluorescent ones. Then you’ll have even more plants for the summer! It’s always a good idea to keep your succulents well pruned and maintained. Here’s a check list to make sure the move from outside to inside goes as smoothly as possible: Since it can be a hassle to water succulents indoors (bringing them all to the sink, waiting for them to stop dripping, etc.) Place them near a south- or east-facing window. Because of the reduced light indoors, plants mature much more slowly. Feit Electric 2 ft. 4-Light 60-Watt White LED Hydroponic Non-Dimmable Indoor and Outdoor Linkable Plant Grow Light Fixture, Daylight. Succulents won’t go through a true dormancy when growing indoors unless you force it with changes in temperature and light. Since succulents are slow growing, they also work quite nicely in small glass terrariums or small ceramic pots with stratified sand to create a miniature desert effect. The Light at the End of The Tunnel. This is especially important before bringing succulents in for the winter. Getting the placement of your grow lights correct is a balancing act between the heat output, intensity, and overall footprint of the light. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Upgrade 75W Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Plant Light for Succulent, Bonsai, Hydroponics Flower, Vegetable Growing, Grow Tent, Indoor Greenhouses. Stay away from watering with fertilizer during the sleepy months from December through mid February. At the least you should know the average low temperature for your area. Or do you plant mostly cold-hardy succulents? For many people in the US this is at the end of September. Of course, if you are growing cold hardy succulents, they can stay outside all winter. Succulents have taken over the world, West Coast Gardeners. To grow a new succulent from a leaf cutting, follow these steps: Remove a leaf from the plant below the main flowering element.Make sure the leaf comes away clean and contains all parts of the leaf. This is a sign they aren’t getting enough light. Aeoniums (above and below) are generally very sensitive to freezing temperatures. Hydro Crunch 600-Watt Equivalent Veg/Bloom Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Fixture with Grow Tent and Ventilation System If any of your succulents have died over the summer, now is a great time to fill in the holes. Without the light, there will be no food for the plant, and without the food, there will be no life for the plant. I have an entire post on dormancy that includes a list of which succulents are winter growers and which are summer growers. Garden, Garden Tips, Succulent Care & Inspiration. Failing to Give Them Enough Light. Red/Blue LED grow light … For basic light specs, check this post out. Because succulents have short roots and need only a shallow amount of soil, you can grow them in almost anything. So, start by identifying your succulents. Your succulents will definitely thank you for putting them in the right soil. The one below was protected by some other plants so it didn’t suffer as much damage. Dead organic material can easily cause your succulents to rot or become infected. For succulents that do get stretched out or grow tall and leggy, at the end of the winter you can cut off the tops and propagate them! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We have over 60 varieties featured with more added each week! LED Grow Light Strip, 2ft T8 Grow Light Fixture, 192W(8×24W) Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light, High Output Sunlight Replacement with High PAR for Indoor Plant, 8 … So don’t be left out and join the bandwagon. Also look for any other little bugs around your plants. February 28, 2017 A great succulent the grow indoors is the Birds Nest, Sansevieria trifasciata. Check out Grow Lights in the FAQ. Here's a link to these lights in Amazon. But in order to prevent stretching you will need to supplement with a grow light. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links. It’s no wonder that succulents are so popular, from their low maintenance easy-to-grow nature, to their jaw dropping variety and beauty — succulents are here to stay. All succulents need darkness each day to maintain a healthy growing cycle, but need at least six hours of sunlight a day to stay thriving. Then determine what growing zone you are in. Aloe variety, Cotyledon tomentosa, Crassula perforata, Sedum nussbaumerianum, Echeveria ‘Blue Rose’ | Purchase Options. However, growing succulents in the office or in low light has its own challenges. If you plan to grow your succulent in a hanging planter, a trailing variety like string of … Place a mirror or heavy aluminum foil beneath the plants, if necessary, to provide a reflective surface. The biggest challenge is getting enough light for them indoors. Propagating succulents with leaf cuttings indoors. There are only a few succulents rated to a Zone 10 or 11 that will need to spend the winter inside. In general, the term “succulents” is used to categorize plants that have fleshy parts and a similar need for some water, bright light, and a tolerance of drought. Also be sure to remove any debris, such as dead leaves, from around or between your succulents. With strings of wire lights tucked in with your succulents, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. This also helps keep from the soil blowing away and less evaporation from the soil. You can also grab our ebook, Choosing the Best Succulents, for more help determining which succulents you should be growing based on where you live, how much you like to water, and more! A little west coast garden on the patio. Stay away from ineffective misting and ensure that the top 2 inches of soil are dry before you water deep and saturate the soil. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 30. Here at West Coast Gardens all our succulents are homegrown and this has taught us a few tricks to achieve happy, healthy succulents. Crassula arborescens undulatifolia, Haworthia reinwardtii, Sedum clavatum  | Purchase Options. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants - Lamps IR & UV Red and Blue Spectrum for Plant Succulents, Micro Greens, Seedlings - 60W Three Head 60 LED, 5W Dimmable Levels - 3 Switch Modes and Sun Timing 5.0 out of 5 stars 55 $28.99$28.99 Get it as soon as Thu, May 28 I also added some top dressing since it didn’t have any. If succulents are left out in temperatures below what they can tolerate, you’ll begin to see damage from the frost or cold. If your succulents are winter growers they will likely need more frequent watering. It’s not a pretty sight! Watering too frequently is the quickest way to kill your succulent. Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’, Portulacaria afra variegata. You’ll also want to make sure (if they aren’t already) that your succulents are in a well draining soil in a pot with a drainage hole. For example: when I lived in Utah we were a Zone 5. The natural light of a plant’s native habitat is perhaps the most … Try to remove these little guys as much as possible to keep your succulents healthier indoors. Grow lights that make sustaining a year-round garden inside your home not only doable, but beautiful. While there are about 60 families of plants that fall into the category, not all plants in all of those 60 families are succulents. If you don’t want to mix your own succulent soil, I’ve been using this succulent soil mix from Bonsai Jack and love it! If you take a peek at any décor magazine or Pinterest page you’ll see these diverse range of conversation starters are the hottest plants around. Here are my top picks for basic care practices: Succulents offer brilliant colours and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight (6 hours+ of direct light). After it bloomed, it left a big hole. Be the first to hear about exclusive offers, get plant care tips and more directly to your inbox. Succulents roughly need at least four to six hours of sunlight to grow properly. Succulents need a ton of sunlight. Once you’ve removed anything that doesn’t belong, you can also add in or replace the top dressing to help the arrangement look extra cleaned up. Whatever you are feeding to your hanging baskets or flowering plants, you can give to your succulents at half strength. $27.99 $ 27. 4.2 out of 5 stars 134. With so many varieties it can be tough to know where to even begin! If you search the sub, you will find many other threads asking about them as well. The most common thing I saw on these plants was dark mushy tissue. Pick-up your order or have it delivered. You won’t lose the plant entirely but may suffer a few leaves to dropping off. Note: some of the resources below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase. Here are the top three things to keep in mind when growing succulents in low light: Keep succulents on the dry side. One reviewer said that her string of hearts plant grew significantly after being under this grow light for just one month, so red and blue light really works! With succulent plants, it’s not only the fruit that’s juicy, it’s the whole plant. The direct air and warmer temperatures can dry things out more quickly. Grow lights can supplement the natural light your succulents need, especially in the winter. The airflow indoors is more limited than outside so without the proper soil it’s very likely your succulents will stay wet for too long. Your best bet for succulents is to water thoroughly, but less often. Aloe variety, Cotyledon tomentosa, Crassula perforata, Sempervivum ‘Green Wheel’, Sedum nussbaumerianum, Echeveria ‘Blue Rose’. I also like to give established succulents a good feeding of 20-20-20 from time to time during their of their growing season (June) to give them a boost in growth. What can I help you learn about next? Light. The more sun the better! You’ll want to place your succulents near the brightest window in your home. Based on where you live and the types of succulents you are growing, your succulents may not be able to stay outside year round. The opposite is true if you place it closer to your plants. Click here to learn about individual types of succulents. Don’t risk leaving your succulents out during extreme cold, even if they appear to be ok. Often the frost damage takes 2-3 days to show up. This is the rule whether the plants are indoor or outdoor. in My Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ (a winter grower) always seems to be a water hog over the winter. Juicy fruit. See how the two compare! I left my tender succulents outside for 3-4 nights when temperatures got below freezing. It’s important to know what growing zone you live in. When you repot them, ideally in the spring, you can use a cactus potting soil or even an ordinary potting soil to which you can add some sand for extra weight if you want. Newsletters are sent once a week and you may unsubscribe at any time. The rule of thumb when watering any plant is to water in the mornings so they have time to absorb the moisture before the heat of the day hits. Thoughtfully curated gift sets complete with a grow kit and complemented by a collection of high quality accessories. The further your grow light is away from your plants, the greater the footprint, but the lower the intensity. All rights reserved. In this case, you can rotate your succulents to help offset any leaning. If the soil looks to repel the water, try using a small tool to break up the surface so water can saturate. West Coast Garden’s also carries a variety of succulent planters for those looking to add an easy pop of plant life into their home or office. Your succulents are at increased risk of not only becoming a boring green but also becoming etiolated… for which there is no cure. There’s magic in the air on summer evenings, and these lanterns add the perfect mood. They run cooler and are less expensive to operate than fluorescent grow lights. Succulents are slow-growing plants that need little room for their roots and so can grow for years in the same pot. Succulents in any other window tend to stay green unless they also get a little love from a grow light. If you’re not sure what that looks like, be sure to click here and grab our free cheat sheet, Signs Your Succulents Need Water. A very effective look is to top the exposed soil with small polished or crushed coloured rock, and sand.